Saturday, 17 March 2012

Juicing for health

A carrot vegetable juice
 Last year I was diagnosed with Addisons decease, which is an autoimmune decease of my adrenal glands. I was very sick and underweight for a long time before this was discovered. It was after a few day in the Intensive Care unit of the hospital, before I was told what had been making me so lethargic and unable to eat for so long. Now I take a couple of  different cortisone tablets every day to compensate for what my body does'nt produce.  One of the gifts I received for my birthday recently was a Breville juicer. I had been watching a documentary called "fat, sick and nearly dead" where Joe Cross who also has an autoimmune decease,(not Addisons) decided to give a juice diet a try. He decided to exclude all food except juice and found that he lost a lot of weight and no longer needed his medication. This documentary now has a worldwide following. I might add this was done with medical supervision.  I had a checkup with my doctor last Thursday where I discussed this with him, we came to the conclusion that I would need to add some protein and maybe some lowfat dairy. I have decided to replace two of my daily meals with a juice, one being a vegetable and the other a fruit. What harm could it do, after all I will be eating more fruit and vegetables than I have for a long time. My morning juice consists an all green juice with an apple, a small piece of fresh ginger and half of a lemon. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked it. My lunch is a fruit juice or a low dairy smoothie of whatever combination I fancy.  I am on day five and  finding this a lot easier than I thought I would. My night meal is lean meat, chicken or fish with vegetables or salad.  I know I won't be able to forfeit my medication like Joe, but if it makes me feel better I will be happy. Will let you know how long I last.

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