Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Labels for quilts

Today I have been sitting, listening to some music, some Sarah McLachlan and Pete Murray.    I have also been hand stitching a little car for the label I will attach to Isaac's quilt.    I copied one of the cars from the fabric on the quilt and decided to embroider the outline,  I'll then use some of the leftover fabric to border this and write some details on it with a Micron pigma pen.      I have done the same for Noah's label but instead copied an elephant, I haven't embroidered this as yet.   The weather has been amazing for the first week of spring, beautiful sunny days and mild nights, apparently we have just had the warmest winter on record.  I'm not sure about that, we had some very cold days, although there was not much rain.   My son has had another MRI scan and this has been the same result as the first one.    He is to remain on chemotherapy one week of every month, at least till the next MRI scan.     This has given me enormous relief, I was so worried, I know this will be a journey but it has given more hope that he will have a full recovery. 


  1. I can learn a lot from you. I have wondered how to make a label that would be nice. I am trying to get back to a vintage comforter I started last winter and have been thinking of a label or a way to embroidery into it the names of the three generations who have worked it. Always enjoy your postings. Diane from The Hidden Pantry.

  2. Thanks Diane, You are not going to believe this, I have never met you, I don't know your address but last night I dreamt I flew over to America to meet with you, this dream was surreal. Good luck with the comforter.