Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A sad goodbye

Casey in 2009 aged 12 years
While I was away over the weekend I left  "the son who does everything"  in charge of looking after my two dogs.    He rang me on Saturday night to tell me Casey, my sixteen year old terrier was not well, not eating, this is unusual she may be old but eating has never been a problem,  in fact she has been known to steal food from my other dog Tyler.    I was a little concerned but he said he would keep an eye on her and let me know if there was any change.  Over the past couple of months she has spent more time sleeping than she used to and I knew the inevitable was near.      I noticed last year that she was deaf,  I always seemed to be giving her a fright when I came up on her, and then early this year she became blind in one eye and then I noticed the other eye was cloudy as well.    I arrived home on Monday afternoon and saw straight away that the end was near, I made an appointment with the veterinary clinic for the next morning but I was worried she wouldn't make it through the night.  She did, but she had not moved all night, I held her while the vet gave her the injection and she went to sleep.   This little dog had a great life, she was from a litter that was to be disposed of, we rescued her and took her home to be part of our family, five kids, a golden labrador, and a cat.  She settled in right away, was pals with the cat and the dog, she was friendly and loved to be part of everything.  Casey was an ugly little dog with a great character and we loved her.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets are very much family members and their loss is truly absence in our lives.

  2. Thankyou Diane, yes they do become part of our families. Tyler, my other dog is a little lost and has been wimpering, he is missing her as well. This is the sad thing with our animals, they are with us for such a short time. Regards Wendy