Monday, 30 September 2013

Fairies a late birthday gift

Things have been a little slow around here this week, I was so busy last week my body has told me to take it easy.    While sitting on the lounge yesterday  I designed the label for my sisters quilt, something pretty to match the quilt top, which is of fairies.  Yes, I did say fairies, my sister is fairy mad, everything fairies, jewelery, ceramics, paintings, furnishings.  It started in her bedroom but has now invaded the whole house, including the bathroom.     This has taken me awhile to complete, I was planning on having it finished for her 50th birthday, but then decided to embroider and stitch some beading on the panels.   She has beeen very patient, especially as she celebrated her 53rd birthday this year.  Illness has also played a part in why there has been a delay in the making of this quilt.   I have given her a
preview as I was sewing the top and I know she will be excited to receive this.   The wording on the quilt label is something I read recently, I have changed the wording slightly, I am so sorry I don't know the author of this or would give credit where due.