Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Big decisions

I spend a lot of time with the son who does everything, not as much as I used to now that he is working full time again, but I still see him almost everyday.     This son became a stay at home dad when his youngest son Connor was still a baby,  so his wife could go to University and obtain a teaching degree.     When it was time for him to re-enter the workforce he found this had disadvantaged his chances of obtaining work.    Well,  he now has a job and I  take Connor to school and collect him in the afternoon, then  I usually sit with him and his fifteen year old brother Ryan until my son and daughter-in-law return from work.      As you may know my health is not so good,  my son often checks on me to make sure I'm ok,  as well as always doing odd jobs for me.     They have just bought their first house, on a very large block,  and they have given me a proposition to think over.      Would I move into a unit on their property, it would benefit both of us, me because I'm getting older, and he will know I'm safe, and for them as someone to help with the care of their children while they both work.       This is a big decision, I would have my own space but be close by, I know we all have to face the reality that we grow old and the consequences of that, this is would be a better option than a nursing home, which is something I do not want to think about.     I have some thinking to do and maybe I will talk this over with my sisters.

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