Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Another quilt finished

Zoot by Riley blake on my design floor, lol
This morning while I was sitting with my quilting group I finished sewing the binding to the quilt for my grandson Isaac.    This quilt is all cars and trucks, what is it with little boys and cars and trucks, then again what is it with big boys and their cars and trucks.     One morning last year while my son was having breakfast and reading the paper while sitting at the breakfast bar,  Isaac was sitting alongside him and looking through the car advertisments in the morning paper.    He was pointing out cars to my son who thought it amusing enough to retell the story to me.   While shopping for fabrics for the boys quilts I came across this range from Riley Blake designs called Scoot.  This was perfect especially when I saw the fabrics with the car advertisements.    If you are looking for a simple pattern, something for a large print this is it and you can find it here     As with Noah's quilt it is bright and cheerful and just perfect for little boys.     After quilting this morning a small group of us went out for lunch, it was nice to be able to sit back and chat to some of the women I don't normally sit with.    I was surprised to find four of them practically grew up together, in the same area that I lived when I was a little girl.     I'm going on a bus tour to quilting shops out of our area in a couple of weeks,  I will be on the lookout for all things space for my daughters little boy Deacon,  and then I have one more boy quilt to make before I can start on a new quilt for my room

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