Thursday, 3 October 2013

Aphids on my roses

This spring I have been amazed at the size of the aphids invading my roses, Some of them are almost the size of elephants, ha ha not really, but they are the largest I have seen.   I have tried all the home remedies and to no avail, I have tried to squash them in my fingers, just had a green mess on my fingers,  I haven't been able to eradicate them.     I was hoping the severe winds we have had over the past week would have sent them on their way,  no, they are back in full force this morning.   This morning I have attacked them with white oil in an attempt to get them under control.   This infestation of aphids is not only here, I also noticed my in-laws roses were infested as well and they are interstate.  I am hoping this spray will be the last time I have to attack them.   Fingers crossed.

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