Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mens PJ's

I just have to tell what I bought, a pair of mens pj's for myself.  These are soft, very soft interlock pj's and they are so comfortable I just love them.  I wear them about the house all the time, of course being mens I had to turn the hem over, but I have to do that with womens pants anyway,  I'm short so everything has to be hemmed.   Let me tell you that the best thing is the price, under $10, I can't remember exactly but I think they were only $8 and they come in base colours of grey, navy and black, who cares, much cheaper than a pair of womens pj's.   I don't usually shop in the mens wear department but my eldest son, who was in hospital at the time needed more pj's and asked us to buy these for him, one look was all it took for me to want them.
If your interested in a pair or two you can find them in KMart, and once again I don't get paid to tell you what I like.  I've had my flu injection,  now it's coffee time.

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