Saturday, 20 April 2013

A prize in the mail

Daisies at Dusk from Country Hart Designs.                                                                      Daisies from my garden                       
Last week I entered a competition to name a new quilt, I've only ever won one thing in my life, and so I was very excited to find the name I had chosen for this quilt WON.  Yaaaa.  I was staying with my son at the time and he just doesn't get the excitement felt by a quilter, over a pattern or fabric, so I had no-one to share this momentous occasion with haa haa,   I did text a couple of friends but that did not give me the satisfaction I needed on this occasion.    In appreciation for choosing the name for this quilt I will receive the pattern,  I love it, the colours and of course because it is of daisies, I have loved daisies for years, even after my dad called them weeds,  weeds, how could something so beautiful be called a weed.  The quilt is from a shop in South Australia called "Country Hart Designs"  and the name of this quilt is "Daisies at Dusk" the fabrics used are from the new collection "Wildflower wood"  by Lynette Anderson Designs from Australia. 


  1. Some love quilting, some love geocaching. Next time I promise to feign excitement. ;)

    Seriously, I'm very proud of your win and love you work.

    1. So true, we all have thing we are passionate about. Thankyou wonderful son