Friday, 19 April 2013

First chill of winter

The heating has just been turned on for the first time this year.  I arrived home from interstate in the early hours to find the house was cold from being locked up.   The sun came out for a few hours today but the wind was blowing from the south and was very chilly.   The snowfields are reporting they have had a few inches over night, with the season not due to start for another few weeks this could be a cold winter.  We had a wonderful summer, although at times it was very hot I still prefer Spring and Summer to the cold and grey days of Winter.
Since arriving home I have been relaxing, about all I have done is catch up on my mail, spent an hour with my daughter and grandson when they came over and put some meat and vegetables in the slowcooker for dinner tonight.    The time spent with my eldest son and his family was wonderful, he is almost finished with the combined radiation chemo treatment,  he has been marking the dates off on a chalk board and can't wait for it to be over.     We are positive that after the next round of chemotherapy  he will be cancer free and will not have to undergo any further treatment.  My grandson was home on school holidays, I got to spend a lot of time playing games, reading, doing puzzles and colouring books with him.  Unfortunately the baby was unwell with a chest infection, a bit grizzly and not feeling well.  The week flew by, and before I realised, it was time to pack my case and board the plane for home. 

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