Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Autumn sunshine

Here where I live we are having the most amazing Autumn sunshine, the past few days have been wonderful.  I spent yesterday in the garden doing those last minute things to prepare for winter. I cleaned up the last of the herbs, swept paths and layed down new mulch.     This morning I attended my quilting group, I have to say that it was very crowded and noisy, so many women came along to this mornings meeting.   It was great to see some old faces and catch up with what has been happening with them and their families.   Oh, and I did re sew that block and I'm now stitching the embroidery onto it.    This afternoon I'm off to the doctors to have my annual flu injection, something I don't like but a must at my age.    Then I'm having coffee and a snack outside in the sun, to enjoy what is left of this beautiful weather before it becomes wet and gloomy.
Beautiful Petunias

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