Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lost instructions

Do I need to finish my craft room? the answer would be a definite yes, you see I have lost two pages of the instruction sheets to block eight of the quilt I'm currently finishing.  I had everything set up on the kitchen table, I'm sure they were there then, I had to pack everything away when I had some of the family over for dinner.  I awoke this morning with the intention of sewing but, I have been searching through everything since then and so not a stitch has been done.  I think I am going mad, where on earth could they be?  I am going to ring a friend lol, no really, I know she has this pattern, I'm going to have to borrow her pattern to finish this block. 
I had them on the table when I traced the design onto to the backing fabric with my light box, I have since appliqued and embroidered the small stitcheries and now need the instuctions for the assembly.  I guess I will be visiting  a friend today instead of sewing.

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