Sunday, 15 December 2013

Precious pieces our kids have made

I was talking to a friend about all the little precious things our kids have made for us during the years they were in school,  the things that we cannot part with.    I have numerous ornaments and useful things my five children have made for me.  Some of them have been used on a daily basis, my second eldest son had a talent  for woodwork and metal work.    I have a chopping board, a metal scoop I use in my flour bin and a rack for my letters and he also made a magazine rack.     My eldest son who preffered reading,  science and all things space made something in pottery that I have loved ever since he presented it to me when he was in year seven.    It is, he said, a hobo with top hat, with newspapers spread over himself to stay warm, sleeping on a park bench,  I love the detail, colours and of course because he had not shown much talent for things arty before or since.    The son who does everything is the artist in the family, and he has been asked in the past to draw portraits for friends and family and more recently to design an advertising board for a friend.     I have framed artworks drawn by my then five and seven year old daughters that I look at almost everyday, along with poems that I have kept.   These along with the numerous Christmas decorations that I keep year to year mean so much to me because of the memories that are held within each and everyone of them.   Do you have some things that your children have made that you cannot part with?

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