Friday, 27 December 2013

Birds of a feather

As I opened the garage to leave the house this morning, I noticed a large flock of Ibis in the parkland across the street from my house, these are large birds with long pointy beaks, not having seen them here before I grabbed my camera from the car and snapped a few hurried photos.  They didn't seem to mind me being quite close to them, although I didn't tempt fate and stayed as far back as I could.   By the time I returned they had gone.  It must have been a stop over on their way to where ever.             I have just been having a relaxing day today, apart from the shopping trip for fresh fruit and vegetables I'm staying in.       It is hot and very windy so I am inside with air-conditioner on, just doing a few clean up jobs.     My daughter and Deacon came over for lunch, a sandwich with some of the left over ham from Christmas day,  I think I will finish the ham tonight for dinner and then I can wrap the bone for the freezer.  When the weather becomes cooler will have it there to make up a pot of soup.

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