Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas craft with children

I've been caring for my four year old grandson the past two days, this has meant I've had to put my brain into action and think of things I used to do with my kids when they were young.     What craft things could I do with him, it was then I just decided to Google Christmas craft with children, hundreds of ideas popped up, after going through them we chose a Santa and a Christmas tree to make.    I then rummaged through my craft box to find the things we could use and was surprised to find more than I had thought I would.    This has been interesting and fun but  I have realised once again that four year olds DO NOT have very much patience.    We are both covered in glitter glue but  we have made something for Mummy and something for Shaun.    Packing things away he cannot wait to get into the next activity and I just want to sit with a coffee and relax for a few minutes.  Thankfully the sun has just come out and I can go outside with him.  We are having Summer here but this morning has been cool, it's now late morning and it's finally starting to warm up.  What craft activities have you done with your grandchildren?


  1. Fabulous ideas!!! I think I will gather supplies for the Santa you made for my 4 year old grandson as they are coming here today- Christmas Eve, and that would be a fun and simple activity for us. No glitter though, my husband had already outlawed it!!! :-). Have a very Merry Christmas!!! Martha

  2. Martha, it was fun, and I do agree about the glitter. I won't be using it again, it seems to go everywhere. Have a wonderful Christmas, we have just celebrated Christmas day with my son and his family, I have had a great day and am so tired. I cannot believe we will soon be celebrating another year. Best wishes Wendy