Sunday, 15 December 2013

A little Christmas tree

I think I have mentioned before that I have a wonderful new shopping complex in my town.    In the past I have had to drive out of town to do most of my shopping, not anymore.     It's amazing, I am so surprised to see so many people, I wonder where they have all come from, I didn't realise there were so many people in this area.      I'm really enjoying browsing through all these new shops, they really are so tempting,   I've been shopping for gifts,  but I really have to watch the budget.     That was until I found a variety shop, it is amazing, so many things to look at, and the prices are very good.     While having a look around this store I found a little Christmas tree,  I knew I would buy it as soon as I saw it,  budget forgotten, well,  it was not much, or so I told myself, and I'm sure you will agree it is just gorgeous and I had to have it.    It is a small glass tree on a mirror base with small baubles that hang from the branches.    I've kept the decorations in the house at a minimum this year, because we will be having Christmas lunch with the son who does everything.   My eldest son and his family will not be having Christmas here this year,  they alternate with my daughter-in-laws family, so, I  have reasoned that because the grandkids won't be here at my house I don't need to unpack everything,  but, to be perfectly honest  I'm just being very lazy.      Just the thought of dragging all the boxes out, unwrapping everything, sorting the lights and decorations and then a couple of weeks later having to pack  everything away has worn me out, let alone actually doing it.      I know,  bah humbug has come to mind, but I have pushed that thought to the furtherest corner of my mind.    It was different when my girls were still at home, everyone was eager to help,  but now I'm on my own it just seems like too much work.       My mother-in-law has phoned to tell me they will be staying overnight on the twentieth and twenty first, they are driving through my town on the way to have Christmas with their eldest son and his family.     I love them, but that means I actually have to make up beds and clean through the house and my garden.    Geez,  I really am sounding like the Grinch or is Ebenezer more appropriate.   Someone give me some Christmas spirit, preferably from a bottle.

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