Monday, 9 December 2013

Craft day 2013

This year has been so busy, and it seems like it has flown by so quickly.  First off, and still ongoing is my eledest sons illness, he has recently had another MRI and this is once again a good result,  he will continue with Chemo one week a month, but he is feeling more positive, this has eased my fears and I'm also looking to the future.     My daughter-in-law and her family were busy with wedding preparations for her sisters wedding, it was a beautiful day and a lovely wedding.      Then the son who does everything and my daughter-in-law bought their first house, followed by the packing and the move.      Along with the Easter holidays, all the birthday celebrations and the pre- Christmas parties we had been unable to set a date for a craft day this year, for the girls in the family.     We  thought we should organise one before Christmas, and so, Sunday was chosen, I would buy everything needed for us to attempt folded fabric balls.       It was a very slow start, everyone was tired,  but,  once the fabrics were chosen, then cut and pressed,  three of us made a start and then we realised we did'nt have enough fabric to finish.    I think the polystyrene balls I had purchased were a bit too large.    My daughter-in-law did finish her ball by using some folded fabric and then ribbon around the join.    I love the colours she chose, and it does look good.  I think I will pull mine apart and redo it, after all practice makes perfect.   My youngest daughter  hemmed her new drapes, my eldest daughter looked through some Christmas magazines for recipes.  Although not much was achieved we did enjoy each others company and had some fun oh, and of course it would not be a girls day with out yummy treats to eat.


  1. Hi Wendy, Thanks for your encouraging note! We seem to be better. The strep ran it's course I hope! I went to Indy Thurs. thru Mon. and spent time with oldest son and his 5 year old twins. Home now and like you having problems getting going with all of the Christmas things I need to do. Tree is up and part of the shopping is started. We got 8" of snow and the roads are just now betting clear and there is another one coming this weekend. EEk! Take care and have a good Christmas season. Diane i

  2. Diane, I'm not sure I could cope with all that snow and ice at this time of the year, especially when you have to be at the shops. I think I would become a bear and hibinate for the winter. Our weather is starting to become very warm, high tempretures expected over the Christmas week this makes it uncomfortable cooking the turkey, ham and vegetables, but if I suggest a cold lunch there would be an outcry of NO. Tradition rules in my family. Have a wonderful Christmas, my best wishes Wendy