Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lounging on a Sunday

Yesterday was one of those lazy Sundays where I just wanted to lounge around in a trackie all day, although I did eventually do some hand sewing.     I finished the apron for daughter number one, I'm happy with how it looks even though I had some trouble reading the confusing directions on the pattern.    I was also able to sew the label onto Connors stars and planets quilt.       I received a text about 3pm. to let me know my daughter-in-law was having birthday cake after dinner for my son.    My sons birthday is today but with work today and a meeting tonight there would be no time tonight to celebrate.    Oh, that meant  I would have to get dressed.      Last night I also gave Connor his quilt, I'm sure he loves the backing more than the front, the back has  glow in the dark planets, which is the fabric he chose.     I forgot to take a photo of him with this quilt, I'll  take one later this week and post a photo.