Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm sewing aprons

I recently decided to sew new aprons for my two daughters, and who knows maybe one for me as well.       I haven't sewn an apron since I was in my early twenties, and let me tell you that was many moons ago.  Daughter number one likes bright retro fabrics and I was not surprised when she chose an egg yellow fabric with red cherries.    When she was a teenager, like most teenage girls she was in love with everything purple, mauve and black, now as a young women she loves everything fifties and retro.   I spent today sewing and was on a roll when my machine started to make clanking noises.    It needed cleaning and I was surprised to see how much lint was inside the bobbin cavity, once I cleaned it out with a brush I then went looking for the machine oil and you guessed it, I have an empty container.  Sewing finished for today,   I have packed  it away until tomorrow when I buy more machine oil, I was so close to finishing.   I'm taking daughter number two shopping for fabric for her apron on Saturday and I'm fairly certain she will choose something blue and pretty.