Monday, 26 August 2013

Noahs animal quilt finished

Noahs quilt
I have just finished sewing the binding to my youngest grandson Noah's quilt, I decided to use some of the leftover fabrics and make a scrappy binding.    I love the bright and fun look of this quilt and I'm sure he will as well.     If you want the details for this quilt you can find it here I have just started to cut lengths of fabric to make binding for Isaac's quilt, I'm hoping to finish this tonight.  I am feeling unsure  as to whether  I should post these interstate, I've heard so many stories of quilts going missing in the post,  or will I wait untill I can travel there and deliver them.   I would like to see the look on their faces but I also want them to receive them soon.  This is something I will have to think on.    Over the past week I have been cleaning out cupboards,  how do we accumulate so much stuff,  I have a pile of things to sell, another pile to go to the church shop and the rest is going to the recycle centre and the bin.     I am amazed how good I feel after doing this, I always feel a sense of pride when I finish another quilt  but, I  feel a sense of accomplishment when I've had a good clean.     The weather is starting to warm and I am looking forward to going out into the garden to plant my summer vegies and clean up the mess after the strong August winds,  one of the large pots I have with a twenty year old cumquat tree was blown over, it is looking a bit sad so I think I will repot it if I can get someone to give me a hand.    The caterpillas from the cabbage moths have done a lot of damage this year to all my pelagoniums I'm going to cut them back and look forward to a new display this spring.

Quilted elephants all over


  1. I love Noah's quilt!!! So cute and I love how they are framed!! Great idea!! Thanks for visiting my blog too, I will be so glad to get our grand-daughter out of the hospital and home. May be a few more days!!

    1. Thanyou for the comment, I have always been a traditional quilter until my grandsons came along, now most of the quilts I sew are bright and cheerful and I love them. I am sending a basket full of good wishes to you and your grand-daughter.