Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Stars and planets.....finished

I have a photo of Connor with his quilt to show you,  he loves this quilt so much,  he told me that he turns the quilt over to the back with the glow in the dark planets, so they will charge under the light, then when the light is turned out he can see them glowing.  I started this quilt last year, you can read about it here     I am currently binding two more quilts, one for Isaac and one for Noah,  I'll have photos of the finished quilts in a future post.    These quilts are to be posted interstate,  and  I'll have to wait untill my son takes photos for me to see the boys with their new quilts.      I am longing for some warmer days so I am able to go outside and do some gardening, although,  saying that,  we did have one day last week where it reached 17c and I spent the day with my daughter in her garden weeding while she mowed the grass.      The son who does everything has started a new job, so instead of me doing the school run a couple of times a week I'm now doing it  full time.   I have found it a bit tiring rising early every morning to drive to their house make sure Connor is ready and then drive him to school.      I return to the school in the afternoon to pick him up and drive him home where I stay with him and his older brother until my son arrives home.  I always take some hand sewing along with me, at the moment it  is block three of "Butterfly Garden" by Leanne Beasley.  This block is taking some time because I have also sewn three aprons over the past week for my daughters, who would have thought young girls would want aprons.

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