Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tomatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers

I have just returned home from interstate where I spent time with my son while he was in hospital, and helped my daughter-in-law with their young family.    My son has a few hurdles to cross in the future but I'm sure he will make a complete recovery.    One of my daughters and her fiance have been caring for my dogs and garden and I'm surprised to find how much a garden will grow in just over a week, it looks like a jungle, so many tomatoes and cucumbers that I guess I will have some preserving and chutney to make in the next few days.    The cucumber bread and butter pickles that I made early in the summer have all been eaten so a few more jars just for myself, along with red tomatoe relish, capsicum relish and cucumber relish.  Then I will have to wait awhile for the tomatoes to stop ripening to remove the remainder of the green tomatoes and make green tomatoe pickles, always a favourite in my family.  The beans that I thought were a complete waste of time have surprised me, I have just found a few beans hiding in amoungst the plants, I'll have a good look in the morning.


  1. Hello!

    Thank you for coming to visit Pine Cones and Acorns! I hope that you do make the peach coffee cake and that it turns out well. It is a very easy cake to make and it is delicious!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. The weather here at present is very hot, we have been 35 celcius and above. I will definately bake this for one of my craft mornings, when it cools down, thankyou once again