Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fresh eggs

On Saturday I had a group of old friends over for the day, my sister and I have known this group for over thirty years and it is so good to catch up with what is happening in their lives and reminisce over the past.  My sister Kerri was a great help organising the day and helping with the preparations.  One of these friends has a wonderful yard full of fruit trees, vegetables and her own little flock of chickens, I was so pleased to receive a dozen eggs from her,  I did exchange a jar of chutney for the eggs and one of her jars of salsa.  I have decided to use these eggs to make a yummy egg and vegetable pie for dinner, I checked out the vegetables in the fridge, some pumpkin, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach and red onion, and I found some goat cheese leftover in a small container,  definately enough for what I nedded to make a pie. I have just removed it from the oven and it looks so good, some for my dinner and the rest for the freezer.

Egg and vegetable pie

Line a pie dish or in my case a 28cm x 18cm rectangle dish with pastry ( I only had puff) and then blind bake this for 10mins. Remove the baking beads and parchment and cool.
For the filling:
8 eggs beaten
1/4 cup of cream or milk
180g pumkind diced and roasted in the oven till soft
100g mushrooms diced or sliced
1/2 red onion chopped
100g spinach
150g zuchini chopped
100g goat cheese or feta
Olive oil ( about tablespoon)
Gently fry onion till soft, add mushrooms, zuchini and cook till zuchini is soft.  Add the pumpkin and stir through.  Place over pastry, pour over eggs and cream, add spinach and cheese, a little salt and black pepper and bake on 180Celcius for about 30-35mins till a knife comes out clean,  Remove from the oeven and sit to cool 5mins before cutting, serve with a side salad.

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