Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fresh from the garden

3 bags of beans for the freezer
What a relief, we have had a cool change in the weather and a little rain, I was begining to think these hot days were going to go on for ever.    More warm days are forcaste later in the week but I've had a chance to recharge my batteries haa, and I spent a few hours in the garden doing some weeding and cleaning up.  With summer almost over I have been thinking about what to plant in the vegie patch for winter crops.    On top of my list will be broccoli, parsnips, carrots, onions, not sure what else at this stage.     Todays haul is a bounty, I've just blanched three bags of beans, picked another six cucumbers, a basket of tomatoes, silverbeet, capsicums and some small chillies.    Dinner was once again compliments of the garden, I am getting very used this, and I can't wait for the winter vegetables to make pots of soup and casseroles.  Does anyone know of or have you ever frozen silverbeet?

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