Sunday, 17 February 2013

A bottle or two of sauce

I was awake early this morning so decided to start on the tomato sauce and bottling those cucumbers I have so much of.    Today will be another hot and windy day, I love summer but I am starting to look forward to Autumn and some cooler days.   While cutting cucumbers, tomatoes, onions etc, I thought why not pick some of the green tomatoes for a green relish as well,  while cutting the ingredients for the relish,  a little panic hit, you see,  I have  lunch date on the other side of the city and just  thought I may have taken on more than I could get done in time.  I finished up with four bottles of bbque sauce, two large jars of pickled cucumbers and two jars of green tomato relish.  I think I'll start on the chutneys next week.   I  have time to let them cool before putting the lids on and heading into the shower and dressing.  It would have been my mums birthday today, I'm meeting my sister and dad for lunch and then a visit to the graveside.

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