Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lots of jars

I realised as I was about to get busy in the kitchen, making chutneys and relishes, that I did'nt have enough jars.    You see, I gave away jars of produce for gifts over Christmas and no-one has returned the jars.    The forcaste for today and the next couple of days is very hot, so maybe this is a good thing, who wants a large pot on the stove bubbling away when the airconditioner is trying to cool down an already hot house.  Shopping seemed the sensible thing to do, after all I have to buy more jars and it will be cool in the shopping centre, and then while I'm there I could do some browsing and maybe buy myself something.    Seems like a great plan, the chutney and relish have been put off until there is a change in the weather.

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