Sunday, 3 February 2013

Quilting with a friend

Last Wednesday one of my friends and I set aside the day to spend some time quilting.   I have had the fabric for Isaac and Noahs quilts for awhile now, and it was definately time to make a start on the quilts for their rooms.  I spent most of the day cutting the fabric for Noahs quilt.  I had purchased  Tim and Becks "Bungle in the jungle" in a Jelly roll and a layer cake which I thought seemed very appropriate for a little boy named Noah.  The pattern I have decided on is one from Moda Bake Shop called Jungle path by Jessica Kelly from "Sew Crafty Jess".  It was time consuming cutting all the pieces,  maybe it just seemed that way because of all the talking we did, but 3pm arrived and it was decided that it was time to pack up and maybe meet again this week.      I have put this away for awhile, I have had news my eldest son is unwell, I will be going to visit with him, not sure when I will get back to this.

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