Thursday, 8 November 2012

Home again

my son and his beautiful family
I had a wonderful time in Sydney, but, as usual when I go away the time goes by too quickly, and before I know it I'm boarding the plane to fly home again.   It was really lovely to see Isaac and Noah again, I sometimes wish they lived close by, kids grow so fast and I miss so much.   Noah was the perfect little boy at his party and just to prove he is now one year old he has started to take the next step from sitting and rolling to wanting to stand on his feet.   It will be a few weeks before he will be taking any steps but the look on his face when he stands is precious.   Darren and Renee were busy with work, but Renee did find the time to drive me to the home of Jan-Maree from Aussie Hero Quilts.   Jan-Maree warned me before I arrived her house had been taken over by fabrics and all things Aussie Hero, she was right it was everywhere he he, it was so good to meet her and chat over coffee and cake.     I arrived home to find that I had missed the first blooms from my roses, Daniel, the son who does everything,  had been feeding the dogs and watering my garden while I was away told me they were beautiful, of course they are continuing to bloom  and I'll soon have enough to cut and take inside.  The good news is, all my vegetables look great everything is growing even the carrot seeds have sprouted.  Yesterday I picked some young silverbeet and beetroot leaves to add to my salad, yummy.   This afternoon I'm joining a friend for sewing and a chat,  I have some applique that I have to finish so I will busy working on this, then tonight back to sewing the blocks for Aussie Hero Quilts.   I love visiting my family but it's good to be home in my own bed.

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