Monday, 22 October 2012

Flying on a jet plane

I won't be posting on my blog for awhile, I'm flying interstate to visit my son and his family for my youngest grandson Noahs first birthday.  Wow, a year already, I know I have to say "Where has this year gone", we live such busy lives these days that it seems time goes by to quickly.  I had coffee with one of my girlfriends yesterday, something which is unusual mid week because she works full-time.  She has decided to leave a job that she was finding stressful, where she didn't feel like she was part of a team, she is going to take a couple of weeks to unwind and relax before she goes job hunting again. I wish her luck.  It was a nice morning, the conversation mostly about our kids, we have known each other since we were neighbours and our kids were small.  While interstate this week I have arranged to meet with the woman who is head co-ordinator of "Aussie Hero Quilts". This woman is a hero, she has put aside her home and most of her life lol, for this cause, one she feels very strongly about.  In her words "We care about the people not the politics" her mission is to provide quilts and laundry bags to as many service men and women in the Middle East  as possible. When I contacted her to arrange the meeting she thought we should meet at her house, with a note to mind how much the house has been taken over by AHQ, I laughed to myself when I read this, having memories of my own house when I was part of a group that did charity work.  I am looking forward to this meeting, and of course catching up with my family. Ok, back to packing, I'll be in touch when I arrive back home.

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