Saturday, 10 November 2012

Crafty Christmas

felt, glitter glue and sparkly ribbon
 This morning my daughter, Taneesha and I and of course our little tag along Deacon went to Spotlight to buy supplies for craft day tomorrow.  Taneesha has told him before when we go shopping not to touch anything, so I was'nt surprised to hear him say,  from his seat in the back of the car,  "I dont touch anything at the shop"  we both laughed at this, so, so cute.  Tomorrow we will be making items for christmas,  Taneesha will be hosting christmas lunch this year and has decided to make the name settings for the table,  I can't tell you what they will be, because everyone in the family will see them and therefore no surprise.  Every year we make something different, something that each person can take home with them and either put on their tree the following year or can be used during the year.   I have decided to make a felt christmas tree and decorations for the kids to play with,  hoping to keep them away from the christmas decorations.   I saw this on Pinterest a few weeks ago, I'm not sure how to attach it to the wall though,  I will have to think about this.   I also have to redo my wreath for the front door, what colour? I'm going to sort through my christmas supplies and see what I have before I hit the shops again.  I need to be thrifty this year, that's why I'm recycling the decorations I already have. Looking forward to seeing what the others are making.

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