Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A day in the garden and an eclipse

I spent the day outside in the garden, pulling weeds, trimming the edges, and feeding plants.  I have now resorted to liquid plant food for all the plants on the dogs side of the fence, I think they have eaten all the dynamic lifter, (manure pellets)  that I spread over the garden, an expensive snack for them, he he.  This morning it was lovely, lots of sunshine, it was good to be outside, but then it clouded over this afternoon.  I was hoping the skies would be clear in Sydney and Queensland for people that travelled to this part of the world to view the eclipse.  My eldest son Darren, has in the past travelled to different countries to view an eclipse, to record and take photos of this amazing event.  I should say that his job is in the Science field and he is very interested in all things space.   He would very much like to be in Queensland this week as well,  but he now has a young family to consider.  He tells me he is planning and saving to attend the eclipse that occurs in America in 2017.   While outside I didn't see the eclipse, I did'nt look into the sky, I'll watch the evening news tonight to see this one.   I cut some roses to place in a vase on my desk, they are so beautiful, I love Lucetta, it  opens to a beautiful dark pink and then fades to apricot with a subtle frangrance. The darker double pink is Dan Poncet it is a smaller flower with a stronger frangrance, so beautiful.

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