Monday, 26 November 2012

Last craft day

Sunday was the last craft day for this year, our craft day has been succesful so I'm hoping that we will continue this next year as well.   Our theme for the day was Christmas, and everyone had something different in mind to make on the day.   I saw some cute paper decorations that I wanted to make, I remember my mum having some of these decorations when I was young, they were flat half circles, when fanned open they formed a ball.    The directions for these were simple enough, cut nine 3" circles, fold each circle in half and stack on top of each other, tie these together with cord down the middle of the stack, the idea then was to fan them apart and glue each fold a little from the top and bottom alternating as you glued them together.  I found the glue gun was the best method for this. Once complete run some glue along the edges and sprinkle with glitter. Seemed simple, well, as you know what seems simple is not always that way, it took me all day to complete just two.  Yesterday I managed to make another four, so, I was faster with each one I made.  Taneesha made lovely tags for her gifts, Tanya bought a panel to make an advent calendar, Belinda was making gifts for her sons school friends,  and Jacinta who has always been tinsel mad made a wreath for her home.   Belinda had made some yummy truffles,  as you can guess these did'nt last long.

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