Monday, 12 November 2012

Girls craft day

Yesterday was as much fun as it usually is, we always have a laugh and everyone had something different to make, this makes it interesting and fun.  As I said in my last blog Taneesha was making place settings for christmas day,  everyone gets to take them home on christmas day.  Belinda was making fabric crayon folders as christmas gifts for the kids at school,  Tanya was painting wooden letters and upcycling an old mug tree, something for her jewelery.   Jacinta came along to enjoy our company, although it wasn't long before she was helping me with the felt christmas tree and decorations.  When I spread the felt to trace the outline of the tree I realised I hadn't purchased enough felt, so it is more like a pine tree than a christmas tree, I don't think the grandkids will mind.  Jacinta did a fantastic job of painting the felt baubles, we used glue glitter, this took awhile to dry but looks great.  The baubles can be removed and placed where ever the children want on the tree, they naturally adhere to the felt. I'm hoping this will keep them away from my decorations.   I have artistic and talented children,  which comes in handy. We will be meeting again at the end of the month, everyone is too busy in December what with shopping, baking, christmas parties and kids finishing school for the year.

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