Friday, 1 June 2012

Beanies and Jelly rolls

California girl by Fig Tree Quilts

 Elephants and lions
Compliments Postively 365
It was so great to see my eldest son and his family last week, I got to spend some with my grandsons, Isaac and Noah.  Isaac gave up his little bed for me to sleep on while he camped in Mum and Dad's room on a mattress on the floor, he thought this was so much fun.   My daughter-in-law and I  were able to visit spotlight and purchase some gorgeous fabrics printed with elephants and lions, we were using these fabrics to cover some canvases for  Noah's room.   We bought the canvases  from the Reject shop, three in a pack for only $10, what a bargain. Neither of us had used a staple gun before but we soon got the hang of it and had stretched and stapled all three before to long.  They look so good,  I'm sure Noah will enjoy looking at these hung from his walls.   I have wanted to visit a popular quilt shop in Sydney for awhile and got to do that last Friday, they didn't have most of the things I had on my shopping list, but, I did purchase a Moda Jelly roll, by Fig Tree Quilts called California girl , the fabrics are so beautiful.  I have a book by Pam and Nicky Lintott with some beautiful quilt patterns using Jelly rolls, I just have to decide which one it will be. I love the fact that you only need one Jelly roll and some border fabrics and you have a quilt top.  Unfortunately I have to put it to the side for a couple of weeks, I'm just dying to get started but have some other things to complete first.  One of these is a beanie for Isaac, once he saw the beanie I had made for Noah along with the jacket and jumper he decided he needed a beanie as well, and it has to be blue.   While in Spotlight I saw some Cleckheaton "Country" naturals in dark blue 8 ply and decided this would be perfect. Both the little jacket and the jumper fit Noah and he looks so cute in them. Back to the knitting, I told Isaac I would post his beanie to him so I have to finish this as soon as possible, I know a little boy will be waiting for the mail.

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