Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A productive week

reversable bag

I have been busy making things this week.  I have a sister who has a birthday at the weekend, I know she appreciates hand made things so I've just made a reversable bag with pockets that she can use when she pops down to the shops.  I  had some lovely fabric in my stash which I've used for the bag and I think it looks great.  I've also made four stubby holders or in my case soft drink can holders using more fabrics from my stash.  On Thursdays every week I attend a Barbeque and drinks held by the local Vietnam Veterans, this is a fund raiser for the local club.  Every week I shuffle through all the guys dirty stubby holders looking for a clean one to hold my can of drink, I usually end up with something very male orientated.  While sitting at home one day last week I had a brainwave, why not make my own, which I did, in very nice florals. The guys were very amused and I had remarks ranging from "oh isn't that pretty" (sarcastically) to  "oh, you've made a nappy for your can" never mind the remarks,  the holders worked and I have orders from some of the other women.  During the night while in front of the television I have been sewing, I have finished appliqueing the vine that surrounds the last border on my sisters quilt,  next I'm stitching the flowers on.   I have also started another beanie for one of my grandsons.   On another note, I have realised I haven't kept you up to date with my girlfriends sons condition.  He is at home now and although he has had a couple of trips back to the hospital, to relieve a blood clot that produced  some horrible seizures and he still has some balance issues to deal with, he is doing much better than was expected. He is still on medication but with time will be back to normal, he has youth on his side,  hence his recovery.  As usual I can't upload photos to my blog, sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.

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