Wednesday, 6 June 2012


While reading a blog written about little girls and their impromptu tea parties it made me feel a bit sad.  I have two daughters, who are now grown women with busy lives, but, once they were sweet little girls with big imaginations.  Our lives then were filled with lots of hugs and kisses, lets pretend tea parties, dolls and prams, and little neighbour friends coming and going. On weekends and holidays lunches were often sandwiches and cordial in the cubby house, sometimes poured from tiny tea cups.   There was always a play of make believe with singing and dancing, and dress ups, often in my old clothes and shoes.  My girls would spend some time making tickets, going over song and dance routines which would then be played out before family and friends. They also loved making cards for special occasions, birthdays and mothers day.  Friends and family would often receive one of their special hand made cards.  Don't get me wrong, I know that there is still lot of love in my family but I do miss that special time that was so long ago.

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  1. ahhh thanks for taking me back to my childhood :D
    kinda would like a lil girl now