Sunday, 24 June 2012

Relaxing Sunday

Sunday was a lovely day relaxing with friends over lunch.  My friends have recently purchased an old property not too far from me, which has an amazing mud brick house on it complete with beams, stained glass windows and quirky features.  After lunch, with the sun poking it's head through the clouds we went off to explore the property.  There is an old cottage on the property along with many out buildings, so much to look at.  The old cottage has the feel of a secret garden surrounding it, the old trees and vines are overgrown and almost wrap around the house like they are trying to protect it from the elements, not quite succeeding though.  On the ground you can spy old brick pathways that peek through the long ago planted forget-me-nots and vinca that make up much of the undergrowth, there are amazing shrubs, and many bulbs that are  poking their heads just above ground.  The remains of a vegetable patch with overgrown berrie canes and healthy looking rhubarb, still growing in it's bed, an old orchard, the bare branches covered in lichen, giving an almost mystical look to the old fruit trees that grow beside the forest on this boundary.  My friends have many plans for this property, one of them being demolishing the cottage and clearing the garden, it is a pity these can't be rescued but I can understand the cost to renovate something so badly in need of repair.  Wonderful property, wonderful day.

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