Saturday, 2 June 2012

Beautiful roses

This is "Tineke"

"Dan Poncet"
While reading the usual pile of brochures that I took from the letterbox yesterday I noticed that Bunnings advertised bare rooted roses in store for only $8-64.   I have been thinking of planting a couple of roses in a bed that I was going to dig over, that hasn't happened, but I have a lot of pots left from all the plants that died when I moved houses.  Off to Bunnings this morning, three bags of potting mix, specifically for roses and I know I said a couple, that usually means just was two, but I couldn't help myself and have come home with four beautiful bare roses.  There were so many to choose from,  I was there for quite a while sorting through them but have decided on these four,  "Dan Poncet" a rich pink colour, "Vol de Nuit"  and "Lucette" both soft pinks and "Tineke" a lovely white.   Washing the old pots was the most difficult part of this planting, Yah,  I hope they will be happy in their pots, until maybe this time next year when I hope I have a new bed organised for them.   I love cut flowers inside and can't wait till they flower and their perfume spreads through the garden and house.  Lavender and Daisy's will be my next purchase, I have some wonderful plans in my head for them.

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