Monday, 21 May 2012


Yesterday was a day of remembering, not that I don't almost every day.  My mother past away five years ago, and as most of us these days are saying, where has the time gone.  I miss the chats that we had and the things we had in common, both of us being very crafty,  my mother taught me  most of the things I know.  Sometimes I still go to pick up the phone to talk to mum and tell her something that has happened during the day or something new that I have just done.   Mum was my biggest fan when I started  patchwork and quilting, she received the first quilt I made, and although it was not perfect she admired it.   During the week before she passsed away she was crocheting a shawl that she was to enter in a local show, even though she was not well she was determined to finish it, and she did.  It was entered on her behalf where it won a prize, she would have been very proud.  My niece Laura now proudly owns that shawl.   One of my sisters and I organised to meet with my dad to visit the cemetary on the anniversary of her passing and then have some lunch together.  My son Daniel said that he would like to join us so he was volunteered to do the driving.   I wanted to buy flowers but with Mothers Day just a couple of weeks ago I knew there wouldn't be any room for fresh flowers at the grave side  and they don't last long anyway.  I found a little squat shaped pot of  cacti in the florist shop, mum used to have a lovely cacti garden in the back garden of the house we grew up in, so I knew she like them, just perfect.   It seems that my youngest sister also had the same idea, there was another pot of cacti resting on the side of the headstone. It seems mum has her cacti garden to keep again.    My brother-in-law also joined us and while we had a lovely lunch in the heritage listed hotel in South Morang we had a few reminiscences, a day mum would have liked. Miss you.

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