Monday, 8 October 2012

Spring blooms

white azalier with rain drops
I ventured outside this afternoon, to look at what damage the dog had wreaked on the garden over this past week while I have been unwell.   He hasn't been walked,  so I could only imagine what he had been up to.  Back to him later,  I had the most wonderful surprise, one of the potted azaliers was in full bloom and covered in flowers, so beautiful,  I had to get my camera to take a photo of this.  This azalier is one of the potted plants that died back after the move here,  I had no shelter for them when the temperature hit the mid forties and everything wilted.   I purchased a piece of shadecloth and covered all of them but unfortunately I lost a big percentage of my plants.   In Autumn I cut everything back and then hoped for the best,  I was rewarded with new growth on a few of them, but surprising me most of all  two of the azaliers had survived.   Getting back to the dog, I will have to erect a fence around the new garden beds, he has had a wonderful time,  I know he has been bored having missed his walks but, I can't keep planting just for for him to dig them out.  Part of the yard will have to be out of bounds for him.

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