Monday, 24 September 2012

Stage two in the garden

Today was stage two of the redesigned backyard,  early this morning I ordered the soil and the mulch, the garden supplier has a mushroom compost blend that he says is great for growing vegetables.  We spread a thick layer of newspaper  over the area, wet this and then,  my youngest daughter and the son who does everything filled the raised vegetable beds with the soil mix.  There is an area in the garden that has sunk, I'm thinking this is due to the sewage pipes and all the rain that we have had this winter.  We filled this in with soil to build it up and then covered the whole area with mulch, all this was done was in a couple of hours.  I left them to finish off while I made lunch, chicken and salads with fresh pita bread that I'd made this morning.  After lunch my son used his Karcher to clean all the paving, while we put away the tools   The yard is looking really good now.  All it needs now is for me to decide what I'm going to plant, and then, hope I can keep the dog from digging everything out.

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