Thursday, 18 October 2012

Clipped and bathed

Tyler has been to the doggy beauty salon today, he has been clipped and bathed,  my shaggy dirty dog is now looking very up town and clean.   I'm sure he knows this because he has been prancing around with head held high.  The best part of this has been that it hasn't cost me anything to have him groomed.  My son, the one who does everything, did some art work for a close friend who happens to be a dog groomer,  she was competing in a competition and needed a display, my son volunteered to paint this for her in return for a couple of grooming sessions for Tyler.  She was very pleased with the result, as a matter of fact she placed third in the competition.  My son, of course, thinks this was all due to the display, Haa Haa.  I am very lucky and grateful to take advantage of his thoughtful gesture, and so is Tyler.

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