Saturday, 20 October 2012

So much to time

"Peak Hour" designed by Riley Blake for Moda
I really believed that as I became older I would have more time to do the things I love to do, not just the usual mundane things like housework etc.,  but at the end of the day I look back and wonder what I have done and where did the day go.   I seem to be running out of spare time, is it because I am not as organised as I was when the kids were at home or is it that my life is now busier than I expected.   I love catching up with friends, my kids and grandchildren and babysitting when needed but this doesn't take all my time. I have so many quilting projects  I want to sew but I find myself procrastinating over these, I really need some motivation.  My machine is all set up and I have been doing a few things, mostly blocks for "Aussie Hero Quilts" these don't take much time and sewing these lessens my guilt.   I was part of a local quilting group, one that I was a founding member of and also a past president.   I was very active within this group until I became unwell and found I could no longer participate in the many activities I was part of, and so,  I resigned from this group almost five years ago.   Recently I have been thinking of rejoining this group to give me the motivation that I need.   Last week my daughters drove me to a fabric shop, a shop I haven't been to in a long time.   I was surprised to find that the cheap fabrics that they used to supply are no longer available, that wasn't the surprise as much as the price on the fabrics they do stock, these range from $22 to almost $30 a metre.   Needless to say the list I of fabrics I wanted to buy, was scrapped as I searched through the racks.  I did buy a few pieces of  "Peak Hour" by Riley Blake, these would be just right for one of my grandsons,  Isaac. I will add this to the list of quilts to sew, when I find the motivation. lol

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