Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Testing the soil

Blue Rosemary
When buying something for the garden never listen to a man who isn't a gardner, never.  When I purchased the soil and mulch for the raised vegetable beds the man at the garden supplies told me their blend of mushroom compost was very good for growing vegetables.  I have just learnt a valuable lesson,  a couple of the plants that Tyler dug up were'nt looking so good and I was concerned that it was the soil,  so today I bought a Soil ph testing kit  and was shocked to find that the ph level of the beds were  8- 81/2, an alkaline level to high to grow vegetables.  I have just treated the soil with Sulphar and now have to wait a few days for this to settle.  While in Bunnings I found they have heirloom seedlings from Diggers, what a bonus, I've purchased capsicum, beetroot, silverbeet, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions.   I also picked up some packets of carrot and bean seeds, in the mean time the little punnets of seedlings will be cared for under cover till I can plant them out into their new beds.  While in the mood for gardening I have planted a few companion plants, lavender, marigolds, rosemary, basil, thyme.   I can't wait to see everything growing.   I'm also watching Tyler, if he ventures over to that side of the yard he looks up to see if I'm watching and if he spies me he slinks off, oh, yes he knows.  Tomorrow is forcaste rain, might be a good day to do some quilting.

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