Thursday, 6 September 2012

A home in the corner

When I moved into this house, I brought a few pieces of furniture with me from the last house that I couldn't part with.  This house is much smaller than the house the kids grew up in and while a lot of futniture didn't make it here I was determined that these would.  I have moved these around several times trying to find the right spot for them and sometimes wonder if I should part with them.  Yesterday it was the old treadle sewing machine cabinet which belonged to my grandmother,  I had learned to sew on this machine and was always told it would be given to me, remember,  my sisters don't sew.   Imagine my horror when I found they had taken the sewing machine from the cabinet, it was too old was the comment I received when I asked where it was.  So the poor cabinet has lived in the passage at this house, and to be honest has been in the way of through traffic.   Yesterday I decided to find it a new home, the corner of the family room and kitchen looked like a good spot.   As I pushed it down the passage it rattled and shook on the tiles, then settled as I pushed it into place.  Yes I think it looks good, as I stood back to admire it.   I have two lovely handmade tiles, made by my very clever sister-in-law several years ago positioned above it,  I think I have them a bit too high though,  I will have to lower them,  and sitting atop the cabinet one of the small cases that I collect.   I think the word that is being used a lot these days is vignette, not sure, what do you think. Next to find a home will be the curio cabinet or that will be going.

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