Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mosiac stepping stones

About ten years or more ago, when my daughters were young teenagers on school holidays, I was frequently hearing the usual "I'm bored, what can we do" So I organised some supplies for them to make mosiac pavers for the garden.   Daughter number one decided she did not want to get her hands dirty and daughter number two was enthusiastic enough to finish two of them.  I really liked the designs she made and was hoping she would finish the other two but the holidays finished and she went back to school. The supplies were packed away and forgotten.   I set these two in the garden under an arch way that was covered with a yellow climbing rose and they did look so good.   When I decided to sell the house I lifted them from the garden deciding to take them with me when I left.  While they don't have the same beautiful position in the garden that they once had they are keeping my feet clean when I go to the compost bin.  With the new garden beds in place I find I really need a couple more, not sure I can still buy the same paver anymore though.  A trip to Bunnings to see what they stock in pavers, tiles etc., I wonder if I can encourage one of my daughters to complete the set.

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  1. Best ask daughter number two! Daughter number one still doesn't like getting her hands dirty :-p