Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A summer quilt top

Pattern from Missouri Star Quilt company by 3Dudes
Yesterday,  between another visit to the dentist, the moulds, impressions, were taken for the plate for my new molars, and shopping  I finished stitching the blocks together for the summer quilt.   I did find with this pattern that it was diffficult to match all seams, in the end I just gave up and made sure that the blocks were just square.   I'm happy with the secondary pattern that emerges,  I tried a couple of other ways to join them but like this one best.   I have sewn on a two and a half inch white border and am thinking of either another scrappy border or just a scrappy binding with the fabric pieces that are left, not sure, what do you think?   I am leaving it on the table to contemplate this as I get on with other things.   It looks so good on the table it may just become a table cloth, except when the grandsons are over, hehe, no messes on this little lovely.

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