Sunday, 6 October 2013

A patchwork adventure on a bus

Saturday was the planned and very much anticipated bus excursion for my Quilting group "The Willows"  we would be travelling to the other side of our city,  to explore and shop at five of the patchwork shops,  that are normally  too far away for us shop with.   It was an early start to the day for us, we were to meet the bus at 7-30am, it was to leave at 7-45am on the dot.   Well, the bus was not there when we all arrived, we waited and we waited,  it seems the bus driver had been given instructions to be at our meet place at 8-30am.  With everyone on board,  our organiser for the day handed us a small bag of goodies, inside was a small pack of biscuits with cream cheese, small pack of crisps, a piece of fruit cake, a roll of fabric and a  raffle ticket.    This was going to be a good day.    First shop on our trip was "Catarina's Country"  where I found some beautiful Northcott fabric by Ro Gregg called  bed of roses, this fabric was part of the quest for a cure, I was dissapointed to find there was only a metre left on the roll but purchased that anyway.    The second shop was "Patchwork with Gail B" in Bayswater,   this shop was tucked away in the back of Gails fathers tile shop and was a surprise, if I had gone on my own I don't think I would have  found this shop.     Our next stop would be for lunch, this is the shop I was most excited to see, "Patchwork Teahouse" in Warburton, it is situated in one of the prettiest areas of our state, lots of tree ferns and gum trees surround the shop and we could hear so many birds.   Being so close to the snowfields they usually have snow in the winter, this would be very picturesque.  We had pre-ordered our lunch and it was almost ready when we arrived, my lunch was homemade pastie with a side salad, my friend had quiche and salad, we both agreed it was delicious and very filling.   I was amazed with this shop, there was so much to look at, their displays of  fabrics and small gifts was wonderful.    I bought a range of Lynette Anderson fabrics from here and could have spent more if I had not decided on a budget.  Next stop was "Stitch N Patch" this was a small shop and was very crowded, not much room for the forty of us to move around the store.  I did purchase the remaining two pieces of Robyn Pandolph fabrics I needed, but left the store without really have a good look.   The last shop was a tiny shop, no more than a shed really which was situated in the back of private premises "A little bit of country"  I had a look around but did not purchase anything.    We all climbed back on the bus for the long journey home.  Oh, the raffle tickets we were given, four prizes were available, but I was not one of the lucky ones.  We arrived home to our little town at 6-45pm very tired but happy we had spent a wonderful day with friends, seen some amazing shops, spent our money and I cannot wait till next year for our next shopping adventure where ever that will be.


  1. What a wonderful day you must have had. It is almost enough to encourage me to join a group! I have been called a hermit and tend to be a bit of a loner. So maybe I will be inspired! Thanks for the lovely post. Diane

    1. Hi Diane, I was a hermit for the two years I was unwell and most of that time I did not go out. Since rejoining this group I am having a wonderful time, after our mornings together a small group of us have lunch together, I have been on this bus trip and in the near future we are having a luncheon at a local restuarant and then the christmas party. Have a look around your area and see what is available, you too will have a wonderful time. Regards Wendy