Monday, 14 May 2012

Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day and I was looking forward to spending the day with my family.  My daughter Taneesha is a single mum of a very busy two year old,  I don't need to tell anyone how much energy it takes to care for a child, work part-time and run a household plus a popular cooking blog. I thought she deserved a sleep in and a lovely breakfast so asked her and Deacon to stay over night on Saturday so I could do this for her.   I had given her a choice of yummy breakfast ideas to choose from, and from these she chose rosti, smoked salmon, poached egg with hollandaise on sour dough toast.   Deacon rose early, as kids do,  I had closed the door to Taneesha's room, because he often stays overnight with me he wasn't even aware she was here.  The two of us worked in the kitchen, Deacon being my little helper, while I tried to keep him quiet till we had produced a yummy offering. Table was set with lace tablecloth, china and flowers.  He was surprised to find his mummy here, he thought his Aunty Jacinta was sleeping in the spare room because I had asked him to be quiet and he had noticed the closed door.  Taneesha was happy with her sleep in and enjoyed her breakfast . After clearing away breakfast and the dishes the rest of the day was mine to enjoy, along with my daughters, daughter- in-law, son and grandsons. Taneesha cooked a lovely roast lunch, we had a few glasses of wine and relaxed around the table.


  1. wow you're a wonderful mum, letting her sleep in and then cooking that amazing delicious looking breaky :)
    You all deserved the wonderful day you had

  2. Thanks Emma, hope you had a wonderful day with your family as well