Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dog wash

This morning I decided that both my dogs needed a bath,  they are both inside outside dogs but when the weather is good mostly outside.  I'm not very keen on washing them when it cools down because it means that I'll have to have them inside till they dry off.   I have a very old dog she is a mixed breed terrier and I also have a ten month old, he is a poodle cross.   The old dog Casey, is easy to lift into the laundry sink to wash, she has been bathed this way for a long time so she just sits quietly till I'm finished.  I quickly dry her off  and leave a towel on the floor which she uses to rub herself on all over till she is satisfied that she is dry.  Tyler on the other hand is not at all fond of water so bath time is more difficult, firstly  he is a bit bigger and heavier to lift into the tub and then he just wants to get out, so I am usually very wet by the time we finish. Then he shakes water every where, definately doesn't have Casey's manners. Once they are both dry I let them out into the yard, and of course the first thing they do is rub themselves in the garden. Clean for such a short time. Haa.

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